Case Studies

Grandstand repaired with HB40 at Fakenham Racecourse

Repairs were required to the underside of the Grandstand at Fakenham Racecourse where the ingress of water had corroded the metal reinforcements causing the concrete to spall.

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Apolodor was contracted to carry out the repairs to the concrete structure. Apolodor cut the damaged concrete back to the metal and treated the surface with Ronacrete Standard Primer before hand packing with RonaBond HB40.

Apolodor renders Ealing fountain waterproof using Ronafix mix

Ronacrete Approved Contractors Apolodor were called to a property in Enfield to repair a water fountain.

The fountain which was the central focus in an attractive residential courtyard serving several properties had started to leak through to the surrounding patio after several years wear and tear had caused cracks to appear in the base.

Apolodor removed the fountain head and drained the standing water from the system. First they shot blasted the original defective render to provide a mechanical key for the new render system, any loose debris was removed.

Next, ensuring that the surfaces were still damp, Apolodor brush applied a cement primer (a mix of Ronafix and cement) to the base and walls of the fountain pit. While the primer was still wet and tacky the first layer of Ronafix Mix E was trowel applied to the surface.

As only a small area needed covering Apolodor mixed the render by hand. Ronafix Mix E can also be mixed using a Machine to ensure the mortar has an even dispersion of mix component. This should be a forced action mixer (eg. Creteangle or drill and paddle) for optimum performance;

The first layer of Ronafix Mix E was then trowel applied to the base and sides of the fountain pit, Apolodor then worked in layers applying a coat of primer followed by a layer of render until the required thickness was achieved, the next coating of primer could be applied when the previous layer has firmed up sufficiently to support its weight without slumping or pulling away. Each layer of Ronafix Mix E must be a minimum of 6mm in depth and at least two layers must be applied to form a waterproof render. It is important to key the surface and prime between each layer.

Ronafix Mix E is available as a prebagged product Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render.

RonaBond HB40 provides high build protection at Norfolk viaduct

The Haddiscoe viaduct on the A143 in Norfolk crosses the Norfolk-Suffolk railway line and the New Cut canal. It is undergoing an extensive repainting project which is being carried out by Norfolk County Council which will take place in two phases over 2013 and 2014 at a cost of £775,000. A large quantity of the work is being done at night to cause minimum disruption to traffic.

Prior to the repainting of the viaduct, some concrete repair had to be undertaken.

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Apolodor under instruction from Norfolk County Council, cut away the damaged concrete and cleaned and treated the exposed steel supports. Galvanic anodes were then installed to protect the metal in the structure from corrosion. The area was then hand packed with RonaBond HB40 a concrete repair mortar designed for ease of use on overhead or vertical surfaces such as those on the viaduct.

Ronacrete concrete repair products used in restoration of Hatfield health clinic

RonaBond HB40 and RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB have been used in an NHS refurbishment project of a Hatfield health clinic costing just under £1million. Working for main contracting firm Newland Construction Ronacrete Approved Contractor Apolodor carried out concrete repair and restoration work to the 1960s building which housed Queensway Health Clinic

The project was a complete remodelling and refurbishing of the health clinic to modern clinical standards, providing better facilities and easier access for patients and staff. Changes included a layout change to create easier access, new hospital-grade flooring and versatile multi-purpose treatment rooms. Improvements have also been made to the building’s energy efficiency with the introduction of solar panels, double glazing, insulation and a modern heating system.

Products from the Ronacrete Concrete Repair & Coatings range were used to complete the repairs to stairway, roof slab and downpipe area..

Repairs were made to the soffits and lintels in the roof slab where corrosion had caused the metal reinforcements in the concrete to become exposed. Apolodor opened the repair back to the metal and treated the surface with Ronacrete Standard Primer before hand packing with RonaBond HB40. The same treatment was applied to the concrete area surrounding the downpipes where there was exposed metal, Apolodor also fitted new downpipes to the structure.

New reinforcements were fitted to the staircase by Apolodor and more concrete repairs undertaken again packing with RonaBond HB40, the staircase was then jet washed before the application of a coat of white RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB.

RonaBond HB40 is a pre-packed high build, high strength concrete repair mortar for repairing concrete and protecting reinforcing steel. It is used to repair concrete on vertical surfaces such as the soffits and under the stair case at the health clinic. It can be applied in thick-section layers up to 75mm on walls and soffits, without the need for shuttering.

RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB. is a high build elastomeric, waterproof and carbonation-resistant façade coating formulated on a water based acrylsiloxane. It protects facades against water ingress while allowing diffusion of normal levels of background moisture vapour. It provides excellent protection against corrosion of the steel reinforcements when applied to reinforced concrete.